Our Farm Philosophy

Small-scale farming in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley

While we are not currently certified under any organic certification program, we strive to be good stewards of God’s creation in all of our endeavors. 

We pride ourselves on maintaining free-range, pasture-fed animals and use soy-free, non-GMO animal feed to the greatest extent possible. 

We also practice small-scale, minimal till, natural gardening practices without the use of any non-organic chemical fertilizers and minimal use of fossil fuels.

We draw inspiration from a wide range of farmers far more knowledgeable than we – Eliot Coleman, Joel Salatin, Jean-Martin Fortier, and Justin Rhodes (to name a few) have been instrumental in the development of our farm.

On a philosophical note, special mention must be made of Wendell Berry, whose writings on the “back to the land” movement and the pitfalls of large-scale commercial agriculture we cannot recommend highly enough – regardless of where you live or whether or not you farm.

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